At Breisach’s oldest house, the “Blaue Haus,” you can encounter local history up close: Conduct research, explore and discover, question and reflect, and then take a break in the historical inn or at the garden by the city wall. We look forward to meeting you and exchanging ideas with you. Welcome to the Blaue Haus!

Our tours, workshops and project days are oriented toward local and regional residents, as well as tourists – but especially children and teens.

We would be pleased to work with you to plan a tour, workshop and other activity dedicated to a specific theme.

School Groups, grades 3 – 12

In the former Jewish community house on Judengasse Street, children and teens can learn about local history and find connections between the past and the world in which they live today. Biographies of former Breisach residents offer vivid glimpses into life in this Christian-Jewish environment and the violent end of its Jewish communities. Meetings with descendants of local Jewish families can supplement the pupils’ experience, as they learn about the fates of Jewish people.

We tailor our workshops, project days and tours to each age group.



The development of the Memorial to the History of the Jews on the Upper Rhine was and is accompanied by projects that involve young people. This includes the summer camp in cooperation with Action Reconciliation Service for Peace; “Dances for the Blaue Haus” by Battery Dance Company and Drastic Action, New York; and the organization of programs to mark International Holocaust Memorial Day on January 27, as well as the anniversary of the deportation of Jews from Baden to the Gurs concentration camp, on October 22. Many projects have led to long-term joint projects, such as the 2018 cooperation agreement with the Hugo-Höfler-Realschule in Breisach.
Projects may be arranged at any time. Contact us!



For adults

Our public tours take place on the second Sunday of every month at 4 pm, on the European Day of Jewish Culture in early September and on the Day of the Open Monument.

Further dates as part of the "city tours with pleasure", in cooperation with the Breisach tourism, can be found here.
Guided tours of the former Jewish community center, the Jewish quarter and the old and new Jewish cemetery can be booked together or separately, depending on the time or interest of a group. Contact us.



Projects in the Blaue Haus

Project work forms a basic component of our memorial and educational program. Memorable occasions, committed partners and input from various initiators have contributed to a long and diverse list of projects since 1999.