2003 – 2018

Since 2003 we have received several hundred visitors each year, meanwhile more than 2000 per year. Apart from paying off our debts, we offered lectures, concerts, guided tours, special programs for students and young people, thus building up a place for remembrance and encounters.

The house’s western side, the old town wall, was restored and the garden laid out.

In 2009, Ari Nahor created an art installation for the garden’s southern wall: Love thy neighbor as thyself.

In 2013, a sculpture by Heike Endemann of Radolfzell was installed on the little square in front of the Blue House. Endemann used trunks of sequoia trees from the arboretum in Liliental near Ihringen for the sculpture, a gift of the Leo Model Foundation in New York.

Two years later, the square was remodeled. Descendants of Breisach Jews from all over the world attended its dedication as “Michael Eisemann Platz.”  In front of the Blue House, the first memorial stone for Michael Eisemann is placed.