Dances for the Blue House and Workshops with Dan Bar On

In New York, “Friends of the Blue House” planned their support of the work that had so far been done in Breisach. Jonathan Hollander and Aviva Geismar, two choreographers, discovered their different connection with Breisach, and after two years of preparation brought to Freiburg and Breisach their “Dances for the Blue House.” At lectures and workshops with Dan Bar On of the Be’er Sheva University in Israel, a dialog began between the Jewish guests from the older generation and members of the Förderverein. “Dances for the Blue House,” a documentation of the whole project, was released by Modo publishing house Freiburg.

Accompanied by Gerald Schwab, Fred Mayer came to Freiburg and in an interview with Professor Dr. Wolfram Wette recalled his childhood in Freiburg, the successful flight of the families, the return to Germany as soldiers in the US Army, and Mayer’s action of resistance in Innsbruck. The movie “The Real Inglorious Bastards” (2012) tells his story.