Dedication of Michael Eisemann Square

Together, the city of Breisach and the Association for the Blue House designed the square where Heike Endemann’s wooden sculpture is installed. It was inaugurated in June and given the name Michael Eisemann Square. A cantor and teacher, Eisemann had lived with his family in the community center. Descendants of Breisach Jews traveled from all over the world for the event. Ilse Wyler-Weil was the only one present who had actually known Michael Eisemann. She and Lauren Silver, a great-granddaughter of the cantor, both spoke at the event. In the evening, portraits of relatives of the visitors were projected in the library windows and family stories were recounted.


The city of Breisach and the Association planned a memorial book for all Jewish citizens of Breisach. As a work in progress, it was ceremoniously dedicated on the synagogue square.