Volunteering and Full-time Work

Cooking Project for Refugees in the Blue House


Finally, the Blue House Association was able to pay off its mountain of debt with the support of many donors.


Until 2015, the Blue House depended almost exclusively on volunteers. Generous funding from the state of Baden-Württemberg now made it possible to hire staff on a mini-job basis. At last, professional archiving, inventorying and digitization could get underway.


Starting in May 2015, refugees and a group of supporters met on Friday afternoons at the Blue House to prepare a meal together. Before and after, they would play games, talk, or learn to repair bicycles. Each week one person served as the “chef,” suggesting a dish from their home country and demonstrating how to prepare it. Between 30 and 60 children and adults from various nations participated on a regular basis.


The Blue House hosted this project for two and a half years, until the group was able to move into new rooms.


The Augustiner Museum Freiburg borrowed objects from the small collection of the Blue House, including them in an exhibition entitled “National Socialism in Freiburg.”