STUDY GROUP “Letter collection” founded to aid in searching for traces of GURS

Christiane Walesch-Schneller described the unusual ways some of the letters made their way into our archives. Learn more in the episode “Letters – Signs of Life from Gurs,“ from our videocast series SEARCHING FOR TRACES OF GURS, available since October 22, 2020 on our YouTube channel: YOUTUBE-Kanal Blaues Haus Breisach.


Letters from the Blum, Breisacher, Levy, Weil, Geismar, Bähr, Uffenheimer and Rosenberg families are only available as facsimiles. They will be inventoried, scanned and – if it has not already been done – transcribed. The working group has agreed to certain rules for this project. A list of names and keywords is required. For “Searching for Traces of Gurs,” an evaluation will be carried out: The letters contain references to people whose fate is unknown.


Beginning on October 1, 2020, Dr. Thomas Höfert, scholar in German and English, focused on the complex of letter collections and related research. Welcome to the team!