Conference of the Alemannia Judaica

Lecture by Prof. Raul Hilberg: “On Remembrance”


The Association joined the network “Alemannia Judaica” and invited members to the annual meeting in Breisach. This network of archivists, historians and initiators of places of remembrance met yearly with the goal of preserving the heritage of German-speaking Jewish communities in Vorarlberg (Austria), northern Switzerland, Alsace and southwestern Germany.


Prof. Raul Hilberg accepted an invitation and closed his presentation with these words: “As a visitor, I would be happy if (one day) I would find something here in Breisach that exists nowhere else.”


For the second time the Association participated in the European Day of Jewish Culture, which originated with the “Porte ouverte” in Alsace (1996–1999). Since then, on the first Sund