The Blue House in Breisach

The Blue House in Breisach is a memorial site and educational establishment dedicated to the history of the Jews of the Upper Rhine. The permanent exhibitions "JEWISH LIFE IN BREISACH 1931” and "AFTER THE SHOAH",  events and educational programs at this historic location help recall the historical Jewish communities, the co-existence of Christians and Jews as well as the violent end of Jewish life under the Nazi dictatorship in 1940, with references to the present day.

In the words of the President of the State Parliament of Baden-Wuerttemberg, Peter Straub, "We need places of concrete memory" (January 2000). For this reason, the Association for the Blue House began its work, purchasing the former Jewish community center in Breisach on Rhine in order to conserve and use it for the town and its visitors. The authenticity of a place – as we have learned from experience at memorials – allows us to grasp history and draw concrete lessons from it. Within the walls of this house, more than 700 years of history come alive.





We invite you to enter and get to know the house.