The Blue House in Breisach


The Blue House in Breisach is a memorial site and educational establishment dedicated to the history of the Jews of the Upper Rhine.


Statement on the war in Israel and the Gaza Strip

The massacres by the terrorist organization Hamas against the Israeli civilian population and people from other nations in southern Israel on 7 October 2023 shock us deeply. They are the most serious attack on Jews since the Shoah and bring back memories of the darkest times of Jew-hatred. In the work of the memorials, we are connected with many Jewish families worldwide, with Holocaust survivors and their families. They in particular are experiencing an indescribable wave of memories of times of terror that they thought they could leave behind.

Our thoughts are with the victims in Israel, they are also with the Jewish communities in Germany, whose members are gripped by the great fear of also becoming victims of attacks.

Our thoughts are also with the people in the Gaza Strip. In Gaza, the Israelis and people from other nations who are being held hostage by Hamas are suffering. The Palestinian civilian population is also suffering, abused by Hamas as a human shield.

We stand firmly and united against all forms of anti-Semitism. We also condemn anti-Muslim racism, which is currently being spread excessively not only in right-wing extremist parties and groups in Germany. Humanity, being human, the dignity of the human being, unites us all and everyone is entitled to it.

Terror and violence must not have the last word! We hope that prudent advisors will show their governments ways out of the spiral of violence. Violence threatens not only the people in the Middle East, but the whole world.


Open on Wednesdays and Sundays 2–5 pm, further openings and guided tours on request.

UPDATES!! On Wednesday, April 10, 2024, the house will be closed for an internal event. Thank you for your understanding.


In the words of the President of the State Parliament of Baden-Wuerttemberg, Peter Straub, "We need places of concrete memory"(January 2000). For this reason, the Association for the Blue House began its work, purchasing the former Jewish community center in Breisach on Rhine in order to conserve and use it for the town and its visitors. The authenticity of a place – as we have learned from experience at memorials – allows us to grasp history and draw concrete lessons from it. Within the walls of this house, more than 700 years of history come alive.


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