Study Trip to Poland

Extension of Permanent Exhibition in the Blue House: “After the  Shoah”

Due to the Corona-virus pandemic, the Blue House postponed for one year its study trip to Poland as part of the federal project “Youth Remembers.” Finally, 12 participants, including an infant, arrived in Breisach’s sister city – Oświęcim – after several months of preparation. They recorded impressions and experiences in a diary.


Johanna Sarah Mai took over the student assistant position.


In the former Eisemann bedroom, a new exhibition introduces the family of Cantor Michael Eisemann (the Eisemann-Marx family). A display area shows objects that Holocaust survivors and their descendants have entrusted to the Blue House. In recorded interviews, Clara Eisemann speaks about the exile community’s aid network and Ralph Eisemann recalls the fate of his family.


Exhibition “After the Shoah” and audio plays