5. Garden and Art Installation

Rosebushes, lavender and hydrangea fill the large garden that is divided into lots. At the far end of the garden, light blue tablets of equal length are shining on the wall, forming a broken Magen David, a Star of David. The eleven tablets carry the same text, each one in a different language: the so-called eleventh commandment, to “Love thy neighbor as thyself.” It is to be found in the Torah – the Hebrew Bible – and in the Christian Bible , being of universal significance. If the installation by the Breisach artist Ari Nahor is read from right to left as in the Hebrew and Arab script, the star is partly reassembled, symbolizing the work of the Blue House: to bring back and integrate into the history of the town the individual fates of the Jewish population, their names and their history. The association regards this as its purpose.