Exhibition Opening “After the Shoah”


Our new permanent exhibition 
“After the Shoah”
opened on May 9, 2021. 



In September 2019, the permanent exhibition “Jewish Life in Breisach 1931” was opened in the presence of Elaine Wolff and Robert Geismar, descendants of the Breisach Jewish families and Steven Stoneburn representing the Eisemann familiy. In another room on the upper floor of the Blue House, the life paths of the members of the cantor Eisemann‘s family, who lived there until November 1938, are now displayed.

Who survived the persecution and how, who helped and who fell victim to the Shoah? Where do the descendants live today? We try to provide answers with photos, texts and radio plays based on real events.
Working closely with members of the familiy, Michelle in New York as well as with her cousin Michele in Japan, we were able to close research gaps and ask new questions.


Objects that Holocaust survivors and their descendants, some of them are among you, have entrusted to the Blue House since the first week of encounter in 2000 are also now shown in a display. In addition, there were some finds from today’s Breisach families. These objects help to get to know the everyday and festival culture and to find out what happened to the members of the Jewish community in Breisach. Interactive exploration is encouraged with a research station. This opens up new and diverse opportunities for educational work.


The exhibition was supported by the Landeszentrale für politische Bildung Baden-Württemberg (LpB) from the state of Baden-Württemberg.