The Förderverein found hosts for a series of “Werkstattgespräche” (workshop talks) about Jewish life today and yesterday. The talks were held at the gallery Goldammer, the history museum and the Martin Bucer Protestant Community. In July, a purchase contract for the building was closed and an intense phase of planning for the renovation and use of the house began. In October the town and association sent invitations for a “week of encounters” marking the 60th anniversary of the deportation of the Jews of Baden. Forty Jewish guests from six countries took part in the varied cultural program. At night, larger-than-life photos of Jewish families were projected on the facades of some houses in the former Judengasse,” and memories were shared. In the week of encounters, the book “Das jüdische Gemeindehaus in Breisach am Rhein” (The Jewish Community Center in Breisach am Rhein) by Josef Arie Kornweitz and Günter Boll was published.

Zur Begegnungswoche erschien „Das jüdische Gemeindehaus in Breisach am Rheinvon Josef Arie Kornweitz und Günter Boll.